Realize a Long Lean Body With Weight Loss & Muscle Building

Protein is the building block for all the muscles in the body, plain and simple. Without enough protein, muscle mass diminishes. Most people who want more muscle, should incorporate lean protein into their weight loss muscle building, exercise plan.

Walking, sprinting and weight lifting need to be combined if one wants to see results from their weight loss muscle building routine. To lose pounds, one must burn fat. This is accomplished by walking an hour a day, either on the treadmill or outdoors. Walking outdoors has the benefit of allowing the arms to swing freely which propels the body forward in a normal walking pattern, but because walking is so important to weight loss and a lean body, the treadmill works just fine also.

Sprinting is the act of running very quickly for a short period of time, while lifting the knees as high as possible, then walking for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. This jump starts the metabolism. Alternating sprinting with walking builds the calf and quadriceps, and burns more calories than running or walking do. Holding in the abdomen during sprinting increases core strength, which also assists in a bigger calorie burn.

When visualizing an exercise for building upper body mk677 results strength, the weight machines at the gym may come to mind, but sprinting or walking with hand weights help also. Hand weights should never weigh more than two pounds, or they will throw the body off balance. It is important not to let the weights swing down, but to position the arms with the palms facing each other. Pretending one is in a boxing ring and punching left and right, helps keep the mind focused on the main objective, which is weight loss muscle building. Once sprinting becomes a regular routine, there will be an increase in the muscle size of the quadriceps and hamstrings. The quadriceps are the largest muscle in the body, and when they are built up, the metabolism speeds up resulting in more calorie expenditure.

Proper nutrition, specifically lean protein such as fish and chicken, and fresh vegetables such as the green leafy ones, plus low glycemic fruits such as berries, will go the distance in weight loss muscle building results. With commitment and perseverance, in no time at all, a long lean body will become a reality.

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Building muscle can be done without dangerous steroids, expensive supplements, conflicting advice or long hours at the gym. Follow the No